Media consulting

Since 2004, Bernardo Gutiérrez formed part of the team of consulters of La Máquina de Ideas, one of the leading media consulting companies in Latin America. He participated in a total of ten projects. Bernardo addressed workshops, participated in staff selection processes, launched new products (such as newspapers Lai, La Marea and ElD), reformed supplements and classic products like the dailies El Bravo and El Debate (both in Mexico) or El Norte and El Tiempo (Ecuador).

Besides, he has done independent consultancies for Revista Fórum (Brasil) or La Diaria (Uruguay) and I was juror in several editions of the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award in the Innovation category.

Pasado Mañana

On sale

This essay is a journey in search of the political vision of the Spain of change, a Spain that surprises a world sunk by the brutality of neoliberalism, the agony of the European Social Democratic parties and the erosion of the Latin American left. A trip that shows that while in the north of Europe the extreme right is triggered, in Spain new more solidary, tolerant, open and cooperativeways ways emerge.